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If you are entitled to request access to this system please contact sarah.lai@kcl.ac.uk, samrat.de_sarkar@kcl.ac.uk or jasmine.gillespie@kcl.ac.uk with your details and the areas/course resources you require access to.

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KCL Staff and Students - to access resources please enter your normal 8 digit King's username and password.

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If you normally login using your NHS (or other) email address please enter that along with the password that was assigned to you by the Faculty TEL team. Please note - all curriculum content will now be available from KEATS. https://keats.kcl.ac.uk
All staff involved in teaching are entitled to an affiliate email account Further Details
Please contact your Stage ESS Administrative Colleagues for assistance. mbbsstage1@kcl.ac.uk; mbbsstage2andphase3@kcl.ac.uk; mbbsstage3@kcl.ac.uk

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As part of our ongoing mission to enhance our customer experience across KCL IT services, we are amending the frequency with which you will be required to change your password.
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  • As part of our improved security measures as of Wednesday 14th October you'll be required to change your password annually.
    If you use a standard King's laptop/PC...
  • As of Wednesday 14th October, if you have not reset your password in the past year you will be prompted to do so.
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  • You won't be asked to change it!
    How often will I have to change my password going forward?
  • Password changes will take place annually and you'll receive reminders on King’s devices to change it if you haven't done so.
    How should I set up my password?
  • Three unconnected random words are advised, to form part of your password, including a number or special character, for example BananaDeskPoodle1.
  • King's guidance on passwords, including how to reset yours, is available here https://www.kcl.ac.uk/it/password-resets-and-management
If you have any technical issues regarding this, please contact the Service Desk on 020 784 88888 or by emailing 88888@kcl.ac.uk